Deep Purple Rose with Bud ,

Lush rose with a bud created from shimmery purple ribbon that shifts in color to blue in the light and a peacock crystal dew drop adorns a petal.  The leaves also are from a color shift ribbon. You can embellish a hat, your hair, pashmina or scarf, tichel or any suit or dress with this chic classically elegant vintage blossom. This would be a wonderful gift or keepsake corsage for weddings, birthdays or any special event. If status is “sold”, please feel free to contact me to have a one similar created for you!

SIZE: 5 3/4″ x 4″. Blossom has both a pin back and an alligator clip for attaching as desired.



Only 1 left in stock

frs600-folded-rose-special-trop-purple-color-shift-copy frs600-folded-rose-special-trop-purple-color-shift-back-copy frs600-folded-rose-special-trop-purple-color-shift-right-copy


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